Tolentino Food is not one type of cusine. It’s a vibe, a delicious encounter, it’s a culture! Our signature taste is crafted to induce the most satisfying foodgasm.

We don’t sell food. We be lovin’ on your tastebuds!

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    “ We also received some rave reviews of your sauce.."

    – Laura Ball

    Sponsorship & Events Manager

    “ Thank you Tolentino for the amazing food. This is some of the best sauce I've had. "

    – 901memphisfoodfinds

    “ I don't like overpaying for a pasta sauce when I can make it at home. But I can't make this sauce, it is too good, chile!

    – Chef Liz Benysrael

    Tolentino Style Oxtails

    Salmon with Mango Lime Butter Sauce

    Lobster & Wagyu Ramen

    Tolentino Spaghetti

    Southwest Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Southeast Asian Grilled Chicken

    Holy Macaroni Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Salmon with Creole Cream Sauce

    Sweet Dynamite Orange Chicken

    About Us

    Our founder Regina Tolentino came to the United States with nothing but her passion for food and rare set of culinary skills, and her determination to honor her father’s legacy. One day, she had a vision on how she would want her favorite dish – spaghetti, to taste like. At the time, it was a taste that she’s never even experienced or tasted before. It was almost like an epiphany! What started out as a vision, became an obsession.

    For over a decade, she had engrossed herself in perfecting her own signature taste and developing her own proprietary cooking process.

    “My father’s greatest legacy was his character and faith, above all – was his unconditional love for his family. I’ve created this brand to celebrate and immortalize the life he had lived and to always honor his memory.”

    Regina Tolentino



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